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Monday, June 27, 2005

Ahhh, Monday Again.


This weekend in Akron was a beautiful one at that. Sunshine, 90 degree temps. I got out and rode my bike around town. I missed the Lebron Bike-a-thon....anyone get to ride in that?
As far as real estate happenings, I did not hear much, but then again, please refer to sentence 1.

One thing I have noticed while driving/biking around town is the amount of homes on the market for sale. Seems like there is an overwhelming amount of sellers out there. Does anyone have any input on that, I would love to hear from some sellers.

Anyhow, I am studying for my brokers license currently, so back to the online classes for now, but feel free to leave a post or e-mail me at

Gone Surfing,


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