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Friday, April 27, 2007

Walgreens to build in Fairlawn ~ via / Akron Beacon Journal

Story from the April 25th edition of "Akron Beacon Journal"

Walgreens to build in Fairlawn

Drugstore chooses corner across from Rite Aid at Market and Miller
By Marilyn Miller
Beacon Journal business writer

FAIRLAWN - In a sure sign of spring, work crews are clearing a site for construction of a new Walgreens drugstore at Miller Road and West Market Street.
The Fairlawn City Council approved the zoning last fall.

Levey and Co. of Akron is the developer.
The company consolidated three lots on the northwest corner into one lot large enough to accommodate the store and parking lot.
The demolition involved three buildings: the Quality Scrub car wash and detail shop as well as the former Honey Baked Ham store, which moved to the Montrose shopping area.
Levey said the company purchased the Honey Baked Ham store, but will lease the land that formerly included the car wash and detail shop.
The estimated price tag is $1.7 million.

``The Walgreens pharmacy had been looking to expand into the Fairlawn area for some time. We are very fortunate to have found a site,'' Levey said. ``It will be a standard Walgreens with 14,700 square feet with a brick finish and an upgrade to the landscaping.''

Fairlawn Mayor William Roth said the drugstore site will have 30 percent green space and two entrances, one on Miller and another on Market Street, 200 feet away from the main street.
``In the past 12 years, three out of four corners at the intersection of Miller and Market have been redeveloped,'' Roth said. ``We have eliminated curb cuts and added deceleration lanes. Another drugstore gives residents an extra choice.''
Rite Aid is located directly across the street on the northeast corner. It opened in 1998.
``Competition is good. There are a lot of medical-associated businesses moving this way,'' Levey said.
``This is the first Walgreens store outside of Akron on the west side.''
The closest Walgreens is on West Market Street near Frank Boulevard, he said.
``We think when the store is finished it will be a big improvement at that site,'' Levey said.
The Summit County Buildings Department said the blueprints have not been submitted yet. Walgreens still must meet building codes and obtain a permit before construction can begin.
Levey said the store is expected to open by early November.

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